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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 24: Dark Elves
In the centuries before the High Elves of Mythar II came into contact with the Humans of Terra, the Mythar star system's two major planets were subject to considerable turmoil and upheaval.  For over a millennium, the various races on the planets invaded and colonized each other to the point where it was unclear which races were native to which planets.  However, around the year 1200 BC, an alliance of Elves, Fairies, and Dwarves made a massive push into Mythar II, sending the Orcs, Trolls, Kobolds, and other races they considered the aggressors to Mythar III.  In an attempt to establish clear boundaries hoping to prevent war, the set of civilizations on Mythar II named their alliance "The Mythics", hoping to invoke the idea that a new age of legend had begun.  To differentiate themselves from the other races, which they referred to as "The Hordes", the alliance of Mythics established a new form of governance which each race was to apply to themselves to make a stat
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 23: EL Formation
Before the year 1338, the term "Shape-shifter" referred to someone who had grown magically strong enough to use spells to alter their appearance, or used devices or artifacts to achieve the same effects.  It was more a title than a racial group, although some species, such as the Mythic sub-species of Kitsune, did have some body-altering magics that seemed inherent to them.  This title was generally reserved for some of the most powerful mages, as even these spells were incredibly difficult to learn for your average magic-user, though the more specific term Lycanthropy was the result of one of a series of powerful curses that had been developed.  By what is debatably an incredible coincidence, there was something that many of the galaxy's legenday spellcasters had in common, and that was a genetic sequence they shared that has since been termed the "shift gene".
The shift gene had been identified and understood as a source of great magical potential centuries ago, record
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 22: Watchers
Watcher society is one of the least well-known civilizations in the galaxy, owing in large part to the secretive--or at least insular--nature of the True Watchers themselves.  Much of what we know is information doled out to us by escapees from Watcher installations, or surmised from what few interactions the rest of the galaxy has had with them.  As we learn more about them, I'll do further reports on them, but for now I'll present what little we have to go on.
The exact population size of the Watcher society is unknown, but presumed to be in the tens of billions, given their resources and ability to deploy large forces quickly to any part of the galaxy.  Their technology, which is crystalline-based, is incredibly far advanced even compared with the supertech that MSF High employs, and what few pieces of it our Watcher students bring with them, generally the odd piece of armor, weapon, or datapad, is repairable but not replicatible.  Given the Watchers' incredibly
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Azura and Ruby: Weathering the Storm
To say that business was not doing so well that evening in the Crystal Lounge would be a bit of an understatement, but none of the three people there were terribly worried about it, especially not this late at night.  The empty seating area meant that Azura could go back into her bedroom and pull out her large posing mannequin to practice figure sketching, while Ruby could take a break from singing long enough to get ahead of her own schoolwork, figuring out the purpose of some ancient gear-powered device.  Abigail was nearing the end of another in the huge pile of novellas that she had spent nearly half of her paycheck on, and not having to do any further cleanup meant that she'd probably be halfway through whichever one she'd pick up next before it was time to head back to her dorm room.  Pausing her perusal for a moment, she took a quick peek in the storage space beneath the coat check counter, just to make sure there was an umbrella there for her to use.  The ra
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 16 1
Misa's MSF High Files, Article 21: Queen Althea
In terms of controversial figures throughout the galaxy, there are few on par with Althea, the first Legion Queen.  While there is very little known about her pre-Legion life and rise to power thanks to the unique situation on her home planet, there's plenty of information about the impact she and her march across the galaxy had on the shape of the galaxy today.  Only a few people know Althea's deep past, and though I am privileged enough to know more of it than your average non-legion, I do not feel at liberty to divulge those private details, so for now I will focus on what the outside galaxy knows about Althea.
What is now called Planet Althea was once Earth-320, a world which was, unbeknownst to its inhabitants, plagued with clerical errors that led to its eventual state.  Golden Alliance databases mistakenly had the world listed as Watcher-protected, and so it remained in its late-20th century tech level without contact from the outside galaxy.  While BioGalact
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 20: Pit Lords II
The Pit Lords are, as far as the Galactic ANarchists are concerned, the greatest and most centralized authorities within their galactic sphere of influence.  Every free citizen there learns the names of all six in their early childhood, and some refer to them like a religious person might their saints or lesser deities.  Unlike their Divine counterparts, however, the exact workings of their individual justice organizations are easy enough to see for anyone who cares to investigate.
First up is the organization of the lords themselves and their internal delegation.  Each Pit Lord has a designated title, and while this gives one a general idea of the sorts of crimes they deal with, a little more individual elaboration might be needed.  Gargoth, Lord of Murder deals primarily with unjustified killing or injury.  In this sense, unjustified generally means that they were the initiators of force, but as one would expect, nuance is very important to understanding whet
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 19: Galactic Trade
Mahou City is a place that is very unique for a number of reasons, but for the purposes of this article I should mention its economy in specific.  Things like defense, material production, and infrastructure operate much differently--and much more smoothly--when you have many of the galaxy's most powerful mages around to see to the needs of everyone who's not quite able to make everything for themselves yet.  In the outside galaxy, however, every citizen of every planet of each of the major galactic factions has their own challenges when it comes to how they get the things they need, and the galactic economy and trade systems exist to fill those needs in a variety of ways.
The most important element of an individual galactic citizen's economy is likely to be the economy of the planet they live on.  While this will vary wildly from planet to planet, your average modern planet does have the ability to synthesize materials, though this is a process that is generally more ex
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 9 2
Misa's MSF High Files, Article 18: Legion Hives
While the True Legion race is primarily known for their ability to convert others into more Legion like them, that is not the only thing that separates them from the majority of humanoid races.  In fact, to ask an individual Legion, they would generally care less about how it was that they became their current race and more about the ongoing benefits their communal race has to offer.  Chief among these is their shared planetary telepathy, the ability to broadcast thoughts, feelings, and information over a planetwide area thanks to a bio-nanitic subsystem in their brain that transmits thoughts across a magically-tuned electromagnetic frequency outside the range of mundane receivers.  While some refer to this as the "Legion Hive Mind", that term is inaccurate in describing exactly how their planetwide bond functions.
First off, the mental linking network is not a hive mind in the traditional sense.  Whereas a nanoswarm being is a series of individual machines linked b
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 17: Sports
Like many young, active, and potentially superpowered beings, some of the students of MSF High are driven by the desire to compete.  While some are drawn to the pure one-on-one spectacle that the battle arena offers, others prefer a little less possibility of death along with their chance to win a competition.  For students like these, Miss Kim and the later-year Gym teachers sponsor a variety of sports teams which any student is free to try out for.
Of course, because of the specific oddities at play in Mahou City, these sports teams aren't exactly the same as they are in your average school.  For one, just about every student has enough aptitude to get recruited to at least one sports team, with at least half of the schools nearly one thousand students participating in at least one sport, about a fifth of them in two or more teams, and a few students in each year's classes who insist on being in as many of the team-based competitions as possible.  The exact number
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 16: Mathemagics
Both in MSF High and the galaxy outside, the casting of magic spells is as much an art as it is a science.  Because it is both, there are various means that can be undertaken to complete the casting of any given spell which range from purely improvised to completely mechanical.  While those with a strong force of will can benefit most from leaning to cast through that willpower, understanding the basic mathematics behind magic can still bolster their casting abilities even further.
At its base, the primary difference between math and science is provability.  A mathematic system is one that cannot be disputed--1 plus 1 will always equal 2, as this is inherent to the definitions of one, plus, and two.  While science requires observation to support its ever-changing theories, any math can be logically proven.  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will always function the same regardless of what sort of beings create them in whatever dimension they ma
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 15: Pit Lords
When the formerly-Divine rebels from the Angelic Protectorate arrived through the Teleporter on Pharadon, it quickly became obvious that things there would not be easy for this new Deviling society.  The planet had very little in the way of natural resources, almost no food, and was constantly barraged by deadly radiation storms that swept across the land.  Even after holing themselves up in the caves that pockmarked the world's surface, the first storm season wiped out nearly half of their population, and with no beam of holy light to reincarnate themselves in, they feared that they would not last another.  There was, however, a ray of hope in this darkness--The thirteen heretic Judges that had been sent to Pharadon still survived, and though their powers had been warped by the magic of the Teleporter, their new abilities could be used with some of the technology they had brought with them to shield the population from at least some of the radiation, increasing their ch
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MSF High Stories: Drew, Chapter 5
Well.  There's a lot of stuff I have to tell you about, diary, and I think I'll be done for a while.  This isn't a goodbye or anything, but the reasons I had for starting you, I'm pretty much finished with, and for now I don't plan for things to get nearly as crazy.  As soon as things pick back up again, I'll make sure to let you know all about it, though.
So, early on today, I met up with Shanla.  Unlike all the other times I'd gotten changed by the amulet, this time she didn't notice me at first.  To be fair, I wouldn't have either.  At this point, my uniform had changed completely and was one of those female ones, the kind that looks like Miss Sakura's with the white blouse and blue kerchief and skirt.  It was modified a bit, with a pair of extra holes in the back to get my wings through, each of which could button up once I'd managed it, but I couldn't really reach my arms far back enough to do that.  My backpack's shape had altered too, tuck
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MSF High Stories: Drew, Chapter 4
So, uh, hey, diary.  There's not really much point anymore in pretending that's not what you are, so I figure I should just try to be honest.  I've had a bit of a rough week, and I apologize ahead of time for my poor handwriting.  These talons are already hard enough to properly hold a pencil in, and I've been up to too much to really take my time writing.  The truth of the matter is, the first part of what happened was so awkward that I didn't want to talk about it originally, not even to you.  I guess it kinda matters in the grand scheme of things, though, and I don't want to leave you left out, so here's what happened.
If you recall from my last entry, the second emergency situation happened due to me dropping a very important book.  I wrote down how I'd gotten more covered in feathers, grew a second pair of wings, and got generally thinner.  Well, something else happened, too.  I'm not sure how I missed it then, but somehow through all the ex
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 14: Dropouts
No storied institution has a one hundred percent pass rate, but MSF High comes closer than most.  Nearly 99% of all students that come to the school eventually graduate, with the large majority doing so in the standard four years.  However, there are rare cases in which, for one of a number of reasons, a student does not manage to graduate.  This article will discuss some of the ways in which a student might fail to graduate, and the fate of those students.
The process by which the school selects its students, while not random, is only able to gauge the potential heroism of those who it takes in.  There's no such thing as a perfect fortune teller, however, and this process occasionally brings in students who have the spark of good in them but lack the ability to harness it properly.  There's no way to tell for certain, even after meeting them, that someone is truly destined to be one of the good guys, but it's not hard for the staff to determine after a few mon
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 13: Trophy Case
MSF High has sports teams, debate teams, science teams, and pretty much any sort of team you could dream up, but what it does not have is contemporaries.  As near as we can tell, there are no other transdimensional subspace rift-based educational facilities with both students and teachers plucked from disparate parts of the spacetime continuum.  When students play championship matches, it's generally against magically-constructed doppelgangers of the last year's winning team.  It's for that reason that it may seem a little odd that the school has a trophy case, yet against all common sense, there it is, near the end of the center hallway, proudly displaying a number of items.
I suppose, though, it's for that very reason that the trophy case isn't full of little statuettes  or plaques.  Instead, its contents vary from week to week, but cycle through swords, shields, arcane books, devices, strange glowing pendants, helmets, gloves, boots, or any number of items,
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 6 3
Misa's MSF High Files, Article 12: Cultural Center
Many planets and even most galactic factions like to refer to themselves as "melting pots" where people of different races from different cultures can come together to work in harmony, but these notions are generally discarded when compared with Mahou City.  Never mind that nearly every galactic race is represented within an area only a few miles squared while your average planet is considered diverse if it has more than half a dozen races living in its rural areas, Mahou City has citizens from different sectors, planets, and even time periods residing within its borders.  While this provides for a level of diversity that's literally unattainable in the outside galaxy, and said diversity is a great boon for the students of the school that serves as the city's centerpiece, it does mean that there's oftentimes simply too much culture.
Between literally hundreds of different histories, religions, and other sources of tradition, it's impossible for the school to celebrate all of
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